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The Importance of Protecting Your Hearing

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Being exposed to an excessive amount of noise or high levels of noise for long periods of time can, unfortunately, lead to gradual hearing loss. Many people working in environments with loud machinery like factories or hangars are much more likely to experience conditions such as tinnitus. In these circumstances it is important to get your hearing checked regularly by professionally trained Audiologists. This will ensure your ears are still healthy and your hearing is not being affected by these loud environments. An Audiologist at London Hearing Specialists will also be able to offer personalised hearing protection to prevent gradual hearing loss and protect your ears from the noise levels you experience in day-to-day life.

Types of hearing protection

Hearing protection can be used in a variety of situations to prevent the damage high levels of noise can cause to your ears and hearing. At London Hearing Specialists we offer a number of hearing protection options including:


Although your hearing is not at risk of damage while sleeping, it is important you get a good sleep every night. Loud distractions from the traffic outside or noisy neighbours can keep you awake at night. If you have been struggling to sleep due to these noises, it may be time to invest in some custom moulded sleep ear plugs. These can be made to fit your ears and fit comfortably while you sleep. Our sleep ear plugs are made from high-quality ear plugs which can be cleaned and reused for years, making them a great investment. These long-lasting ear plugs are a greater alternative to single use ear plugs.


When swimming regularly the inner ear can become exposed to harmful bacteria from the water. Although a great form of exercise, your ears should not be exposed to this regularly. To continue enjoying the pool and to prevent an infection of the ear canal, custom swimming earplugs have been designed to seal water and bacteria out of the ear canal.


Rider safety is paramount, but protecting your hearing whilst riding is often ignored by many bikers. The loud traffic, engines, and high speeds can all take a toll on your ears, causing gradual hearing loss or damage to your ears which may be irreversible. Custom made earplugs for motorcycling, to be worn whilst riding, designed to fit into your ears even whilst wearing a helmet and driving at high speeds, will protect your ears from these risks.


When practicing shooting, whether this is for sport or leisure, the loud and sudden gunshots can cause damage to your hearing. Specialist shooting ear plugs from London Hearing Specialists can reduce the level of sound your ear is exposed to, protecting, and preventing the potentially irreversible damage from gunshots.


Musicians, DJs, music producers, and others who work within the music industry or who attend gigs and concerts frequently are exposing themselves regularly to high frequencies of sounds. Attending events and gigs where there is a prolonged exposure to this level of noise can cause damage to your ear canal and ear drum, potentially causing gradual hearing loss and conditions like tinnitus. Our musicians’ earplugs from London Hearing Specialists can be worn during these events to protect your hearing from overexposure.

Protecting your hearing with London Hearing Specialists 

At London Hearing Specialists our philosophy is focused on the protection of hearing and providing modern, tailored solutions for all our patients. We want to help protect your hearing form day-to-day activities which may pose a risk to your hearing. If you would like a hearing consultation with a member of our fully trained audiology team or more information about our custom-made hearing protection, please get in touch with us today.