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Hearing Expert Clinic

Hearing Expert Clinic

Hearing Aids Brands

Oticon Opn s1 Mini Rite Power (MFI Rechargeable)

Our Official Brand Partners

Oticon Hearing Aids

Here at Hearing Expert, our ethos is in line with Oticon’s unique philosophy of promoting brain health. With the emphasis on that people hear with their brain – not their ears.
After years of research and 100 + years of history, Oticon has understood good hearing helps the brain stay stimulated and fit – and that untreated hearing loss can cause negative consequences to the brain such as accelerated cognitive decline and dementia.
This has inspired oticon to develop the BrainHearing technology in their state of the art hearing aids. Essentially allowing the brain to hear more sounds around while simultaneously reducing listening effort.

We Only Offer The Best

Phonak Hearing Aid's

Phonak shares our goal and commitment of understanding the challenges people go through with their hearing loss, and like us strives to change lives through offering hearing technology solutions.
With over 70 years of history and a global provider to 100 + counties, phonak (Sonova) is the leading global hearing aid provider with the largest market share.
Phonak Paradise Naida P30 UP 12 fine Tuning Channel Behind The Ear Personal Sound Amplifier Analog Digital Hearing Aids
Bernafon Alpha XT

Better hearing with

Bernafon Hearing Aids

We offer a range of options to fit your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget, including advanced performance categories with additional features and customizable settings to accommodate even the most difficult listening environments.

Bernafon’s premium hearing aid, the Alpha, features industry-leading hybrid processing through its Hybrid Technology™. This technology ensures optimal delivery of natural sound and improved speech understanding, while also increasing listening comfort.”

Connect to better hearing with

Starkey Hearing Aid's

Starkey Hearing Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality hearing experience by incorporating advanced technology into their Evolv AI hearing aids.
These devices boast exceptional sound clarity, even in noisy environments, as well as seamless connections to other devices, such as the ability to make and end phone calls directly from the hearing aids. Additionally, the Evolv AI hearing aids also feature health and activity tracking capabilities.
Starkey Halo IQ i2400 RIC 24 Channels Digital Hearing Aid
signia pure

Power the conversation with

Signia Hearing Aids

Focusing on cognitive health through innovative hearing technologies. Signia’s approach extends beyond hearing improvement, aiming to safeguard against cognitive decline.

Signia offers products like the Pure Charge&Go IX, ensuring a natural listening experience. Their Signia App further personalises this experience, exemplifying our mutual commitment to enhancing overall life quality.

Enhance your auditory connection with

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is dedicated to crafting the most natural and comfortable hearing experiences through its cutting-edge technology.

The hearing aids offer unparalleled sound clarity, catering to different environments and lifestyles, ensuring users feel more connected and engaged.

With features like personalised settings, wireless connectivity, and advanced sound processing, Widex aids support a life full of sounds without compromise. Discover the world of sound as it’s meant to be heard.


Aftercare Service

All our hearing care packages come with a 60 day money back guarantee, 2-5 years warranty, lifetime aftercare including follow up re-assessments and fine-tuning every 12 months.
At your check-up appointment we will generally check to see if the hearing aid is working properly along with changing any domes, filters and receivers which require changing.
Patients can contact us anytime to book an appointment with one of our expert audiologists when you purchase hearing aids with us.

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