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Why Is Hearing Protection Important?

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The importance of our hearing ability is often underestimated, until we begin to experience issues with our hearing or hearing loss. Once you’ve noticed a decline in your ability to hear, it is only then that you realise just how vital hearing is in our everyday lives. From holding conversations with family and friends to hearing important sounds throughout the day, like doorbells and alarms. To protect your ears and to maintain your hearing, hearing protection is very useful for a number of situations and environments. At London Hearing Specialists, across our clinics, our specially trained Audiologists and team members can offer a wide range of advice when it comes to protecting your hearing. As well as being able to offer custom hearing protection for a number of scenarios.

The risks of Tinnitus and Hearing loss 

In environments where the loud noises exceed certain levels regularly, hearing protection is vital in protecting your ears and hearing from damage. Where you are being exposed to excessive noise, for example at work, gradual hearing loss, Tinnitus and other hearing conditions can occur. This can severely impact your ability to hear and cause damage to your ears.


You may have heard of Tinnitus before, the term is rather well known, but many people aren’t completely aware of what this actually is. Tinnitus is the sensation of ringing, buzzing, humming etc. coming from within the ear. Many people who have experienced Tinnitus in the past describe this as an internal sound and not one which is caused by anything outside. We tend to find this is very common amongst people who are regularly exposed to high levels of noise in their daily lives. Particularly those with careers and job roles working with loud machinery. Although Tinnitus is not a serious concern, it can become very frustrating. It usually will go away on its own. The best way to prevent this uncomfortable sensation is to wear hearing protection.

Hearing protection for working environments 

When working in environments such as factories, building sites, large arenas etc, where there are high levels of noise. Safety precautions to protect your hearing are paramount. Hearing protection should be a priority for your employer to ensure the safety of all employees. If you are struggling, as a result of the high levels of noise within your workplace, speak with your employer. They have a duty of care to provide hearing protection to their staff. It is also really important your exposure is minimised by taking breaks away from loud machinery and environments. As mentioned above, Tinnitus is very common amongst those working within loud environments. Look out for the signs of Tinnitus and ensure you have regular hearing consultations with an Audiologist if you are concerned.

Hearing protection from London Hearing Specialists 

Despite the use of hearing protection, the risk of gradual hearing loss should still be a concern, which is why regular hearing consultations with an Audiologist are so important. At London Hearing Specialists, we will take a closer look at your ears to assess any damage caused by excessive noise and choose the right treatment for you. Our team can also provide some great advice for protecting your hearing. Check out our custom hearing protection for a range of activities, including sleeping, swimming, shooting, and working.