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Hearing Expert Clinic

Hearing Expert Clinic

Step into a World of Enhanced Sound: Precision Hearing Tests

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Your Hearing, Our Expertise:
Comprehensive Care at Every Step

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Hearing Consultation

Begin Your Journey with a Personalised Hearing Consultation

Begin your journey with a personalised consultation to assess your hearing history and needs, ensuring solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

Step 2

Hearing Test

State-of-the-Art Hearing Tests for Precise Diagnosis

Undergo precise hearing tests using the latest technology for an accurate understanding of your hearing profile.

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Experience Advanced Hearing Solutions with Our Free Fitting Service

Try our hearing aids for two weeks free of charge with our complimentary fitting service, ensuring a perfect match for your daily life.

Mature patient with hearing problem visiting doctor otolaryngologist
A woman is inserting a hearing aid with guidance from an audiologist
Step 4


Tailoring Your Hearing Experience with Precision

Return for a fine-tuning session where we adjust your hearing aids and guide you through using the smartphone app for maximum comfort.



Ongoing Support with Our Exclusive After Care Plus+ Package

Benefit from our After Care Plus+ Package, including a 12-month check-up, follow-ups, service checks, and a 5-year warranty, plus annual earwax removal and hearing aid cleaning.

Technology Spotlight: Advanced Audiology Equipment

Aurical Aud Otometrics Audiometer

This state-of-the-art audiometer is key to our hearing tests.

It provides precise measurements of hearing ability, ensuring an accurate diagnosis.

With its advanced features, we can tailor the testing experience to your specific needs, offering a comfortable and efficient assessment process.

Aurical Aud Otometrics Audiometer
A patient undergoing a hearing test with headphones at an audiology clinic


Our Tympanometer is an essential tool for assessing the health of the middle ear.

It helps us detect issues such as fluid presence, eardrum perforations, and Eustachian tube dysfunction.

This non-invasive and quick test is vital for a comprehensive understanding of your ear health.

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Hear the Difference with Our Certified Audiologists

Concerned about your hearing? Embrace the clarity and comfort of our expert care at Hearing Expert.

Our 5-star rated service, endorsed by delighted clients, offers safe, effective, and comfortable treatments.

With our highly certified and HCPC registered audiologists, you're in trusted hands. Plus, enjoy the ease of same-day appointments, even on weekends, adhering to stringent Covid hygiene protocols.

Witness the joy of better hearing, just like the many who've found confidence with our discreet solutions. Don't let hearing challenges dim your life.

Call us now and step into a brighter, clearer world of sound!

Safe, Effective & Comfortable Treatments

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5 Star Google Customer Rating

An elderly lady smiling gently,with discreet hearing aid

Covid Rigorous Hygiene Protocols

Open on Weekends

Highly Certified & Experienced Audiologists

Fully HCPC Registered

An elderly lady smiling gently,with discreet hearing aid

Fully HCPC Registered

Covid Rigorous Hygiene Protocols

Open on Weekends

Highly Certified & Experienced Audiologists

Safe, Effective & Comfortable Treatments

5 Star Google Customer Rating

Book Same Day Appointments

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Friendly and professional service. Taking the time to explain the procedure and ask about any ear issues before starting treatment and advice aftewards.

Stuart Glass

FAQs for Hearing Tests and Consultations

Our hearing tests are comprehensive and comfortable.

They involve various assessments, including Pure Tone Audiometry and Tympanometry, to accurately gauge your hearing capabilities.

The process is painless and conducted using the latest audiological technology.

Typically, a hearing test at our clinic takes about an hour.

This allows us to conduct thorough assessments and ensure we have a complete understanding of your hearing health.

During a consultation, we begin with a detailed discussion about your hearing history and any specific concerns.

We then perform a physical examination of your ears and conduct a series of tests to assess your hearing. Following this, we’ll discuss the results and explore suitable treatment options.

Yes, we provide a detailed report of your hearing test results during your visit.

Our audiologists will explain the findings and answer any questions you may have.


Treatment options vary depending on the type and severity of hearing loss.

They may include hearing aids, aural rehabilitation programs, or lifestyle modifications.

We discuss these options in detail during the consultation.

No specific preparation is needed.

However, it’s helpful to think about your hearing history and any particular challenges you’ve faced, as this information will be useful during the consultation.

Yes, we offer a range of hearing aids, including customised options tailored to your specific hearing needs and lifestyle preferences.

Yes, you’re welcome to bring someone along for support.

Having a familiar voice during the testing can also be beneficial.

Booking is easy! You can call us at 0330 822 6193, or fill out the contact form on our website.