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Oticon Hearing Solutions

Discover The Right Hearing Aid For Your Needs​

About Oticon - Pioneers in Sound Innovation

  • A Century of Empowerment: Immerse yourself in a legacy of innovation with Oticon. Born from a commitment to helping those with hearing loss, Oticon has been pioneering hearing solutions since 1904.
  • Driven by Passion, Defined by Innovation: Every Oticon hearing aid is more than a device – it’s a gateway to a fuller, richer life. Our mission? To transform the way you interact with the world, transcending the boundaries of sound.

Our Signature Hearing Aids – Your Personal Symphony

  • Oticon More™: Unleash a world of sound with the Oticon More™. Equipped with a Deep Neural Network, it’s adept at recognizing a spectrum of sounds, ensuring that you never miss a beat of life.
  • Oticon Opn S™: Imagine hearing every word, even in the bustle of life. The Oticon Opn S™ offers a 360-degree sound experience, designed to reduce your listening effort in noisy settings.
  • Oticon Xceed: For those facing severe-to-profound hearing loss, the Oticon Xceed is not just a hearing aid; it’s a lifeline to clearer, more accessible speech.
  • Oticon Intent™:Transform your hearing with a cutting-edge, BrainHearing™-equipped device that offers personalised sound adaptation, ensuring unparalleled clarity and connectivity for a life engaged.

Oticon Intent™

Dive into life with unprecedented clarity using the pioneering user-intent sensors


Choose Oticon – Where Hearing Meets Heart

  • Designed for You: Our hearing aids are more than technology; they’re a testament to our commitment to your comfort and lifestyle.
  • Global Expertise, Local Care: With Oticon, advanced hearing care is just around the corner. We’re global, but our expertise and support are always local.

Seamless Connectivity and Personal Control

  • Oticon ON App: Take control with the Oticon ON App – a personal sound assistant that fits in your pocket. Adjust, customize, and connect effortlessly.
  • IoT Compatibility: Your hearing aids can now talk to your world. From your smartphone to your smart home, stay connected to life seamlessly.

The Oticon Edge: Advanced Technology for Unmatched Clarity

  • BrainHearing™ Technology: Experience sound as nature intended. Our BrainHearing™ technology doesn’t just amplify sound; it syncs with your brain’s natural way of processing it, offering a uniquely holistic hearing experience.
  • OpenSound Navigator™: Step into a world where conversations are clear, and background noise fades away. This technology is your key to balanced, natural listening, no matter the environment.
  • Velox S™ Platform: Feel the difference with the Velox S™ platform, where processing speed meets precision to deliver unparalleled sound quality.

Discover how Oticon can transform your hearing experience. Contact Hearing Experts for a detailed hearing assessment.